Do you sometimes feel alone in motherhood?

Have you tried to find a good mother support group, but nothing really seems to fit?

Would you like to meet like-minded moms to connect with and learn proven, reliable parenting advice?

Becoming a mother is one of the most amazing journeys we can take in life, but it is also extremely overwhelming at times. Our children do not come with a manual and while there are a lot of great parenting resources out there, many moms are too busy and don’t have the energy to pick up a book and read. Other moms may pick up a book or search the internet, but they may find so much information that they end up applying too many strategies, which can confuse their child.

On top of all the overwhelm and confusion on how to raise a child, moms also struggle with the day in and day out of motherhood. Of course we love to be with our children, that is the best part of motherhood, but we can also feel isolated and alone at times. As women, we need connections. We thrive when we relate to other women. Sharing, expressing, normalizing, supporting, that is what women need from one another. We were not meant to be alone on this journey, figuring everything out on our own. We were meant to be in villages and tribes helping each other out. We need to replace the old way of living with a new village or tribe to help teach us, coach us, hug us, and just make us laugh. In short, moms need other moms.


Meet Local Moms

My mommy and me class

Since becoming a mom myself, I have found that I am at my best after I’ve had some time with other moms. Just talking about motherhood, sharing what we’re dealing with at home, and hearing how other moms cope and deal with the ups and downs of parenthood is so restorative. I feel renewed at the end of a good girls session and have realized that I need this to be regular in my schedule.

When my first son was born, I joined a mommy and me group for mothers of infants with The New Mom School. I wanted to meet other moms who were going through the same newborn challenges I faced. That group was so important for me me in those early days. Not only did I receive valuable information and support about being a mother of an infant, but I created meaningful relationships with other moms.


Once my son was a little older, I began speaking to the moms at The New Mom School about how they can keep their marriage strong after their baby was born. This has been such a fun addition to the work I do. I love providing new moms with resources, tools, and encouragement. It means so much to me to have this opportunity to help new families succeed.

At the same time that I began speaking to The New Mom School, my private practice also began receiving more and more referrals from new moms and couples with young children. With my background being in adult love relationships, attachment (infant and adult), and early childhood development, this felt like the perfect blend for me. I love helping women feel empowered and confident in their lives and relationships, and I am extremely passionate about helping couples and thus their families children thrive.

The only problem I have found along this journey is that there are not many groups for moms to join past the infant phase. Yes, counseling can be helpful and definitely necessary for some, but many moms just want/need to connect and have their feelings normalized. They also want tips, tools, and assistance in dealing with parenthood struggles, but what I hear most often from many mothers with young children is that they crave being around other moms.

That is where South County Moms comes in. South County Moms is a supportive, non-judgemental weekly group for mothers with young children (toddlers and preschoolers) who are looking to meet other local moms, want to receive clear and reliable parenting advice, need some help dealing with child discipline, and just want to feel like they belong somewhere.

If you’ve been searching for a mom’s group in South Orange County and have young children, this is the perfect group for you. Our 8 week group not only will support you in all the challenges you face as a mom and wife, but will help build up your support system.


South County Moms is a semi-structured 8-week mother support group based around the age of your child. Over the course of the 8 weeks a variety of topics related to motherhood and parenthood will be addressed and discussed. Each weekly mom group lasts 80 minutes with the beginning of group providing education and tools leaving the rest of the group open for discussion on the topic. The purpose of the South County Moms group is to encourage moms to feel empowered and empower others.


While we all know that there is an abundance of fantastic parenting information and advice out there, every parent also knows that every child is different and what may work for one person may not work for another. Learning from one another, having a place to talk about your struggles and more importantly your successes, passing along resources, tips and tools, and just knowing there is a tribe for you to turn to can make a significant impact in your life.

South County Moms Group Breakdown:

  • 8 consecutive groups that meet for 80 minutes per week
  • Moms are grouped together by the age of their child/children
    • (Toddler 14 months – 2.3 years, Preschool 2.3 – 4 years)
  • Weekly topics with education, tips, and tools, and plenty of time for questions and discussion

Topics Included During Mom Group Meetings: (topics may vary depending on the age of the children)

  • The importance of taking care of you so you can take care of everyone else
  • The value of friendships (both for mom and kids)
  • Tips and tools related to child discipline and managing behaviors
  • Understanding age appropriate behaviors
  • Managing and fostering sibling relationships
  • School readiness and challenges
  • Your marriage and how to keep it healthy through parenthood

If you’ve been wanting to meet other moms in South County and feel like you could learn how to keep your sanity during this amazing journey of #motherhood, it’s time for you to join South County Moms.