Relationship Resolutions

‘Tis the season to begin thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions. As important as it is to identify personal resolutions, it is also important to think about relationship resolutions. Below are a few tips to help you and your honey get on this same page in 2013. –      Set a time to sit down together or go for a long walk. Begin by acknowledging the positives aspects of your relationship. –      Next focus on areas for growth, not necessarily change. Pinpoint […]

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Healing Your Broken Heart

Love is amazingly powerful. When we’re in love we feel on top of the world, as if we can do or be anything. Conversely, when we lose love, we feel as though life as we know it has ended. One of the most painful experiences a person can go through in life is true heartbreak.  Ending a relationship with someone you were in love with can be an emotionally devastating experience. Common symptoms of heartbreak include: feeling empty, broken, unlovable, not good enough, hollow, pathetic, and depressed. Most people suffering from a broken heart avoid social situations, dread upcoming holidays, shy away from activities they once enjoyed, desire solitude, seek pain relief from substances, and report feeling as if their heart has been ripped out of their chest. There is no question that heartbreak is painful, lonely, and […]

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Super Mom

It isn’t easy having it all and/or doing it all, but many modern women think they can and should. Unfortunately, over the past few decades our society has regularly depicted an unrealistic image of a ‘supermom’ that tends to leave most women feeling inferior or not good enough.  This picture usually highlights a chic woman easily balancing her children, husband, and work all while looking fabulous. In today’s demanding world, it’s easy to accept these standards and believe that you must measure up.  Women often set high expectations for themselves and when they don’t meet their own expectations their self-image and self-esteem often suffer.  In order to avoid the negative effects […]

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Tips

Are you looking for some simple ways to add romance to your Valentine’s Day celebration? Tonight is an opportunity to slow things down and get romantic with your partner.  Below are some tips for adding romance and passion to your Valentine’s Day celebration that won’t break the bank. Pick one or two items on the list and you’re guaranteed to have a memorable night! Romance on a Budget: – Light candles – Candles can completely change the atmosphere.  They can shift the mood in your home from bright and every day to sexy, luminous, and romantic.  Buy a pack of small tea lights from the drug store or dig up any candles you have around the house and put them everywhere, make your home glow tonight! – Music – Music is an extremely powerful tool for setting a romantic mood.  Go through your iTunes library and make a playlist of all the romantic songs you and your honey enjoy.  Set the playlist to repeat, so you don’t have to worry about the music ending, enjoy a slow dance or two together and allow the music to take you away! […]

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Technology Guidelines for Your Marraige

Modern technology allows us to stay connected to our loved ones throughout the day.  Anywhere, anytime we now have the ability to communicate, share, and update instantly through devices and programs like smart phones, iPads, text messaging, email, instant messaging, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Four Square, and so on.  No matter where we are in the world or what time it is, we can always find a way to make a call, email a picture, or share our thoughts.  We are visible, accessible, and easily located. As wonderful as this can and should be in maintaining a strong connection with your partner, advances in technology have also contributed to a new series of relationship problems […]

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