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Dr. Meredith Hansen is a psychologist passionate about increasing love, improving relationships, and the enhancing the well-being of the family.

Is There Too Much Distance in Your Marriage?

  All relationships ebb and flow. Sometimes couples can be completely aligned and emotionally in tune with one another, and other times a great deal of distance can exist between them. This natural rhythm of distance and closeness is not something to worry about if you’re usually able to recognize the pattern and work through [...]

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Signs that You Are in an Unhealthy Relationship

Do you ever wonder if you’re in an unhealthy relationship? This is a common concern that I address with many clients in my private practice.  Often successful, vibrant, interesting men and women report feeling unhappy in their relationship and worried that things have taken a turn for the worse.  They share that they don't feel [...]

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Where Did the Passion Go?

When we fall in love, we fall hard.  Romantic love is extremely powerful and is often filled with passion, romance, and unending thoughts about one’s partner.  As we grow together as a couple, this passion can shift, change, or dwindle, but researchers are beginning to find that this shift may not be something we can [...]

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How to Find Your Marriage Rhythm

If you’re a newlywed (or about to become a newlywed), it is important for you to know that a strong marriage takes time to build.  For those of you who have parents who are still madly in love, or have seen couples that just seem to get each other, take care of each other’s needs, [...]

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Can My Marriage Be Saved?

This is probably the most common question I hear from the clients I work with ("Can my marriage be saved?").  Afraid, frustrated, disappointed, and scared, couples enter my office looking for answers and a solution.  Paralyzed and disappointed, they report attempts to get the relationship back on track.  They share feelings of helplessness, exhaustion, and [...]

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The Ups and Downs of Marriage

Married life can be filled with ups and downs.  Whether you’re a newlywed or have been married for years, there will definitely be times in your relationship when you feel frustrated, sad, angry, annoyed, or irritable.  Sometimes a simple chore like taking out the trash can push you over the edge, and other times a [...]

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