Newlywed Counseling

Newlywed Counseling in Newport BeachHas married life been somewhat difficult?

Are you tired of fighting and feeling disconnected?

Do you ever wonder how other couples keep their love alive?

Did you think being married would be different, easier, better?

You’re not alone.

Many newly married couples have a difficult time adjusting to married life and often experience a decline in relationship satisfaction during the first few years of marriage.

In fact, most newlywed couples argue over:

  • Finances/Spending
  • Understanding and meeting each others’ needs
  • Balancing home and work life
  • Creating, joining, and adapting family traditions

The good news is that you can work through your
difficulties and begin building a healthy, satisfying marriage.

Counseling can help.

Newlywed counseling will:

  • Build upon strengths in your marriage
  • Help you change unhealthy patterns
  • Increase your commitment to each other

If you’re tired of arguing, find yourself second guessing your
marriage, or are hiding your unhappiness it’s time to get help.

Relationship counseling early in your marriage will improve
your chance of success, so why not get started today.

You can have a happy, healthy marriage!

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